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Decorating places has become an essential part of this modern era; as it just not enhances their beauty but the total look as well. No matter what the requirement is; be it remodeling the place or building it from the scratch, the major thing that can never be overlooked is decorating.
Taking this aspect into consideration; we, Aura Designer Boutique came into existence as a dynamic and result-oriented manufacturer, exporter, and trader of Home furnishing / Home decor products like Designer Cushion Covers, Embroidered Cushion Covers, Festive Cushion Covers, Fancy Cotton Cushion Covers, Bed Covers, etc. In addition, we have recently launched Beautifully HANDCRAFTED QUILTS or commonly known as GODHADES.
These are all made by Village ladies in the age group of 60-90 years old.
This gives them decent livelihood and pride showcasing an Ancient Art of GODHADE making.
We keep on adding new products to our List… Our latest Launch is… Personal care/ Beauty enhancing HANDMADE ORGANIC SOAPS, Handmade Organic Shampoo, and Organic Lip balms.
These are all products made from Pure Organic ingredients and blessed by our ancient Ayurvedic knowledge.
All operations of our company are conducted under the stewardship of our Proprietor, Ms. Rashmi. Our company has been offering its product line not only within the boundaries of our nation; but worldwide.

Our Speciality

Aura Designer Cushion Covers

Aura Designer Boutique Mumbai Introduced All The New Concept Of Designer Embroidered Cushion Covers Inspired By An Ancient Ruler THE NIZAM Antique Jewellery.

Aura Handmade Soaps

AURA Has Leaped Into One More Product In ENHANCING YOUR BEAUTY

We Are Launching 10 Different Varieties Of Handmade Soaps.
Our Soaps Are Parabean Free, Sulfate-Free, And Total Organic With No Cruelty To Animals & Made In India Products

Aura KIds Handmade Soaps


We Are Launching Different Varieties for kids Handmade Soaps. Our Soaps Are Parabean Free, Sulfate-Free, And Total Organic With No Cruelty To Animals & Made In India Products

Aura Organic Handmade Shampoo

Aura ORGANIC, FULLY NATURAL Four varieties of Shampoo…

  1. Shampoo for Dry and Frizzy Hair
  2. Shampoo for Oily Hair
  3. Shampoo for Hair growth
  4. Shampoo for Soft & Shiny Hair

What Client Talk About Aura Soaps


Must try some amazing soaps
Rashmi Agate from Aura designer Boutique
Call – 9769378109
Timely Home delivered…
Got to see the variety at Seabuzz Virtual
Shopping Fest

Shradha Shah

Our Customer


Pat your back Rashmi Agate….what an awesome
soap….your lavender rosemary soap is one of the
The most amazing ones I have used in a long time!!
It soothes frazzled nerves, has a lovely aroma, and my
dry skin just loves it!
I would suggest you name it Serene!! Coz that’s what
I felt post using it…..

Nikeeta Nirody

Our Customer


Got these fragrant beauties from Aura Designer Boutique…beautiful and scented

Anuja Hegde

Our Customer


Thank you so much Rashmi Agate for these
handmade soaps
Very sweet of you to reply back on all my queries
which I had while placing the order in spite of ur busy
I surely will be one of ur regular customers as
— with Rashmi Agate.
mentioned to you…

Ajita Prashant Salvi

Our Customer


Yeah, I am using these Aura soaps from AuraDesignerBoutique for the last 2 weeks and it goes so so well on my skin. I feel as if my body aura is revitalizing in the form of its mild fragrance all through the day. They do not just shower soaps but also a gentle moisturizer for the skin. Its fragrance is mild but awesome and few scrubs on the loofah are enough to make skin feel absolutely amazing. I’m feeling awesome using these soaps. These all are my own observations and experiences.
The masculine soap for men boosts Aromatherapy as a stress buster & mood elevator. My hubby is using it for the last couple of weeks. He feels fresh with lesser mood swings. Seems great value products to me. Highly recommended…


Our Customer


Aura designer boutique: yesterday I purchased soaps
from Rashmi Agate they are very High quality and
smells great will certainly buying more…

Rupali Tushar Shinde

Our Customer

Latest Products

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Honey - Almond & Cinnamon Soap
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Rose - Honey - Hibiscus Soap
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Handmade Organic Shampoo

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